Frequently Asked Questions

When am I able to access my storage unit?
Access your storage unit 24/7 at South Asheville Storage.
Am I required to store long-term?
You’re never required to store long-term. We lease on a month-to-month basis so you have the option to store with us for as long as you need a space.
How do I pay my storage bill?
Pay your monthly storage bill online via our website.
What security features are offered?
Our facility is under 24-hour video surveillance and fenced with electronic gate access. Our security system allows us to deter intruders and keep track of outgoing and ingoing traffic throughout the day and night.
What does Climate Controlled mean?
Climate controlled buildings are temperature controlled with HVAC units. Interior temperatures are set to prevent extreme heat or cold inside the buildings. This is ideal for temperature sensitive items.

What items am I not allowed to store?
We prohibit food, perishables, flammable or hazardous items, living plants or animals, stolen goods, drugs, and firearms. Contact us if you have additional questions.

How do I rent a storage unit?
Find prices and availability on our unit prices page or give us a call to set up with a unit over the phone. You can also stop by the office Monday - Friday between 9AM to 4PM.